The truth is that SEO is not properly understood by most companies out there. There is this general belief that search engine optimization is just related to using keywords. That was true some years ago but the reality of the modern environment is totally different. We all have to understand that Google basically uses various algorithms that eliminate keyword dependency. There is a huge effort put on quality. Absolutely all website designers Sydney professionals understand that modern SEO is connected to the site’s design.

Design Types And Effects On SEO

In order to properly understand the effect of website design on SEO, we have to look at the current design types that exist on the market. For starters, we have parallax design, which has all the site presented on one page. This is highly interesting for the viewer, uses menus effectively for navigation purposes and can convert really well but SEO efficiency is quite low. The SEO specialist has less work to do as less pages need to be ranked but based on niche, this could be really difficult.

The second type of modern web design is HTML5. This is popular because of the increased effectiveness of embedding images and videos in order to create a functional, interesting and highly informative site. Sites load incredibly fast and are loved by the modern search engines. You also have fewer pages that need to be ranked.

The last modern website design type is the one that is setting the standards in modern SEO: responsive design. This is highly effective because the same site can be seen perfectly on all devices ranging from the desktop PC to the tiny smartphones. Incredibly effective navigation is gained and this is very good for SEO rankings. In fact, Google currently favours responsive design over other types of designs.

Ways In Which Website Design Affects SEO

Although the topic is really complicated, there are some important factors that you have to memorize:

  • Page loading speed

  • How easy it is to navigate the site

  • Features included

  • How easy it is for the search engine robots to crawl site content

We should also think about the number of pages that a site has since this does have an effect on SEO. If there are more pages, search engines will obviously have more that can be ranked. If just 2 pages exist, only 2 pages can be ranked in the results. The more pages you have, the more visibility you gain! However, make sure that navigation is properly developed since crawlers have to first find the pages.


On the whole, website design has quite a huge impact on SEO rankings. What is very important for search engines is quality. You have to be able to offer a highly valuable site that loads fast, looks great and that includes really good content. The way in which a site looks like is drawing people in but quality content is what keeps them there. Google understands this and takes everything into account when ranking pages.

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