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We have all heard of people who have made millions online by ranking first on the search engines. But just how do they get that coveted SERP (search engine result pages) spot? The key to it is having an excellent search engine optimization strategy.

Web Store Search Engine Optimization The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Essentially, search engine optimization or SEO is a process that modifies the content and meta-information of a website to help it rank higher in the search engines. Meta-information includes:

  • HTML tags, which are the title, heading, keyword, emphasized text and description meta tags.
  • Internal linking between two or more pages of the same website.
  • External linking, which goes to and from other websites.

The Impact of SEO on Sales

It is believed that between 70% and 90% of people who shop online find their products using search engines. This is why good SEO work will directly influence your sales as well. This is calculated through three different metrics:

  1. The average ticket. This is the amount the average customer will spend in each transaction. Naturally, stores with expensive products, like electronics and computers, have high average tickets. Stores like book stores find their average ticket is much lower.
  2. Website traffic. This looks at how many visitors your website actually gets. Usually, this looks at the number of unique visitors a website receives in any given month.
  3. Conversion rates. This is the division of the number of sales by the number of page views. The rate is expressed in a percentage.

Ranking high on the search engines means that more traffic will come to a website. However, this will only happen if the market is actually interested in your niche. Furthermore, your website has to be in the first thirty results of a search engine, if not higher.

You cannot get measurable results through SEO if there is no demand for your niche. You may end up on the first spot of Google with some obscure keyword, but who is actually going to search for that keyword? Hence, it is as much about the actual keyword and the number of people looking for that.

The Role of Keywords in SEO

A keyword is a single word or a phrase that tells a search engine where your website is. When someone types in a search in Google, which is a keyword or keyword phrase, their algorithm finds pages that contain that keyword. Hence, keyword selection is a vital tool in SEO. However, this is about both supply and demand. You need to make sure that your keyword is actually looked for regularly, but that isn’t already offered by thousands of other websites, and this is hard to do, because we live in a world where no niche is unique anymore. Finally, you need to make sure that your keyword is actually relevant. Having a keyword for consumer electronics on a website for clothing, for instance, will not give you that higher ranking and may actually get you penalized.

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