Social media marketing and social media optimization are two relatively new processes within the world of online business. As such, many people are still finding their feet. While it is becoming increasingly common for SEO (search engine optimization) and web design companies to also offer social media optimization and marketing, it is important that you have at least some understanding of this, even if you intend to outsource the full process.

images 6 The Various Rules of Social Media Optimization

What Is Social Media Marketing and Optimization?

Social media marketing, or SMM, is the process by which you use the various social media websites in a strategic manner in order to drive traffic to your website. Social media optimization (SMO), by contrast, is making sure that your website and content has key elements that allow them to be spread across various social media websites.

Rules of Social Media Optimization

  1. Make sure it is easy to link to your website.
  2. Make it very easy for others to tag your content and to bookmark it.
  3. Reward any inbound links that you receive. For instance, a mention on “recently linked” list is a great incentive.
  4. Make sure your content can travel by submitting it to many websites with high traffic.
  5. Encourage mashup, which essentially means you mix two social media websites together. For instance, posting a YouTube link on Facebook is a highly effective mashup.
  6. Make sure you provide resources to your users, even if this doesn’t give you direct sales. It helps to build your authority and popularity.
  7. Reward users who have been valuable or helpful. Discounts are great, but again, something as simple as a mention goes a long way.
  8. Take part in conversations. The point of social media is interaction, so interact with people who post on your sites.
  9. Learn how you can target your audience. Which sites do they use, when and how?
  10. Make sure you have highly quality content relevant to the platform you are using.
  11. Don’t lie. People say straight through that. The internet is filled with factual information and users actually go out of their way to catch someone out on a lie.
  12. Always be humble and remember where you came from.
  13. Stay fresh and try new things. Don’t worry if you fail, just admit to it and move on. Your honesty will be appreciated.

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