We are pretty sure about the fact that black hat SEO techniques usually get higher search engine rankings but at the same time, most search engines don’t approve of such techniques and they term them as illegal. They are those strategies that violate the search engine regulations and rules. They are infamous for creating poor user experience on the website which utilizes such poor SEO tactics. They display the content of the page in a non-visual manner in order to trick the visitors and search engines into clicking on them.

Within the world of SEO, black hat refers to the simple use of forceful SEO techniques, strategies and tactics to move up higher in the search engine rankings. It is the process of breaking the guidelines set by the search engines and also disregarding the experience of the users. While there are many kinds of examples of black hat SEO techniques, here are some steps that you should avoid taking in 2015. Check them out.

  1. Keyword stuffing: Keyword stuffing refers to the practice of filling a page with too many keywords, often out of context and often in groups. Filling your webpages with irrelevant keywords to positively influence the search engine rankings will usually lead to negative user experience which can in turn hurt your search engine rankings. Instead of overburdening your page with keywords, choose to create information and engaging content that uses the right keywords in the right places.
  2. Text that is invisible: This black hat SEO process involves filling up the posts and web pages with lists of keywords, at the bottom of the page, which has some kind of text with a color that matches the background of the page. Such texts might be invisible to a layman visitor; search engine crawlers can detect them as they’re able to peruse content through the HTML code.
  3. Cloaking: This is a black hat SEO technique that refers to showing different types of content to SEO robots and they are different from what you actually show to the users. For instance, you could easily use other titles, keywords and descriptions on a page which is different from what the content is about. This is one more unethical SEO strategies that are used to manipulate the site’s search engine ranking.
  4. Spinning of articles: This refers to a process where the webmaster, instead of posting unique version of articles, posts articles that are re-writing articles from another website through some software. No matter in which process you do it, spinning content will reduce the quality of work which in turn reduces user experience and also adversely impacts the search engine ranking of your website.

According to the SEO experts of LA Fresh SEO, search engine marketers should avoid black hat SEO tactics in order to enjoy the highest search engine ranking. Make sure you follow the above mentioned list in order to avoid committing the mistakes over and over again.

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