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Most website owners and firms recognise the importance of SEO, and you certainly do otherwise you would not be here on this website. Search Engine Optimization is a huge subject with many facets. All sorts of factors can affect how well a website or page ranks in the search engines and one of the little discussed ones is hosting.

How and where your website is hosted has a surprising affect on how well you do in the SERPs. Read on to find out how and learn more about choosing the best hosting from an SEO point of view.


Let’s start with the obvious. If your website is down, no one can find it and use it including the search engines.

A website that is not up cannot be crawled by the search engines. This means that any new content you have loaded cannot be found and indexed, so it takes longer for you to get visitors to those new pages. It can make an active website appear to be inactive, which means that the site falls in the rankings. Naturally, for your customers your website being down is also an issue.

Regardless of who you host your website with you are going to experience some downtime. It is necessary for maintenance, but if you are being promised uptime of 99% that is what you should get. Choosing a good host is essential for ensuring that your website is up.

Loading speed

How fast a website loads also has a big impact on how well it ranks. The search engines know that people want fast sites, so if a website does not load quickly they do not want to rank it.

In addition, people that visit a website and find it too slow will quickly click away from that site. This also has a long term affect on the ability of a website to rank well. Well time is an increasingly important ranking factor. If people are clicking away from your website within seconds and not taking the time to explore other pages you are going to slide down the rankings.

Server location

Where your servers are located still has an impact on how your site is ranked, but not as much as it used to. If a person in the UK is searching for something they are still more likely to be shown a website that is based on a server located there, but this is no longer a hard and fast rule.

However, if someone in the UK is searching for something and your site is based on a US server it will take slightly longer for your website to load. Therefore, where your hosting is based can impact how user friendly your website is.

Keep an eye on your hosting

Given the fact that how good your host is has such a significant impact on how successful you website is it is important to keep an eye on how fast your site loads and how much downtime you suffer from. The moment you notice an issue contact your hosting provider and get the problem resolved.

Consider upgrading your hosting

You have to be realistic about how much you can get out of shared hosting. If you have a large website and share space on the server with other websites it is not going to reliable and fast enough for you. In this situation, it is best to consider upgrading to VPS hosting instead. Your site will be more reliable and load faster.

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